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Macau Wine Museum

Location: Rua luis Gonzaga Gomes 431, Tourist Activities Centre's Basement
Admission Fee: MOP$15 (includes wine tasting)
Opening Hours: 10am-6pm. Closed on Tuesdays

Macau isn't only famous for its colorful history and sumptuous egg tarts; it also has a wide and special variety of wines that are very delicately taken care of and exhibited in the Macau Wine Museum.

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macau wine museum

The Macau Wine Museum is a special and serene place because of the wines that are stored and exhibited inside. The history of wine in Macau, the whole process of producing wine from the fermentation of the fruits and vegetables up to the bottling and corking processes are exhibited and explained in this special museum.

macau wine museum


When you enter the Macau Wine Museum, you'll have a weird and interesting feeling. I say this because outside, the facade of the building where the Wine Museum is located is very urban, noisy, and extremely city-like. However, when you enter the museum itself, you get a different experience and the atmosphere, the ambience that the museum exudes is totally different from the outside world.

The atmosphere of the Wine Museum is a warm and friendly place. With yellow halogen lights coupled with the cool breeze and the pleasing aroma of wine, anyone who makes a visit to the Wine Museum would surely have a great time.

macau wine museum

The Macau Wine Museum occupies approximately 1,400 square-meters of space. It has different areas or divisions which have been sorted according to category. These areas are the Historical Information, Wine Cellar, and Museum and Exhibitions.

The Historical information area explains vineyard cultivation and wine cycles through the world

The Cellar Museum are displays tools and utensils used for wine-making, goes throught the successive stages of the viticulture, some sine faraternities outfits and a set of Portuguese glazed tiles.

Wine exhibitions and wine tasting features a collection of 1,115 wine vintages including 756 commercial wines and 359 collection wines. The oldest wind on display is a 1815 Porto wine.

These areas have different types of media by which they present the information – information about the wine and the grapevines. Some of these are several kinds of maps, both ancient and modern texts, photos, tiles and videos.

macau wine museum

These media types' purpose is not only to make the relevant and interesting information available to the visitor, but also to recreate the atmosphere when the finest wines were being produced. Also, modern and traditional tools used in the production of wine can also be seen in these areas of the Wine Museum.

macau wine museum

One of the objectives of the Macau Wine Museum is to incorporate into the visitor the special and unique process of making wine, to make him or her involved in the art of making the delightful drink.

macau wine museum

Furthermore, the social, economical, and cultural significance of the wine in the tradition of the Portuguese are the main aspects of the Wine Museum. Daily life drinking tradition and celebration rituals in the Portuguese culture are also exhibited in the museum.

macau wine museum

There is even a wine-tasting place inside where the visitor can taste the different types of wine. The wine tasting or "Proca de vinhos" in Portuguese, is included in the ticket price, so don't worry about not bringing enough money.

The wines that are displayed in the Wine Museum of Macau come from Portugal, Macau and the People's Republic of China. Currently, there are about 1,115 wine bottles that are carefully organized and displayed on the shelves of the Wine Museum.

756 of these bottles are commercial wines-wines that can be bought in wine and liquor shops; and 359 are collection wines-wines which are specially brewed and rarely, if not, opened.

There are also some of best wine products available to wine enthusiasts, things which you can also read in wine cooler reviews.

macau wine museum

The oldest and most special among these wines is the Porto 1815, one of the oldest and most special wines of Portugal.

The different regions of Portugal are also exhibited in the Macau Wine Museum, together with the finest wines of each region. In addition, samples of wine production in the People's Republic of China are shown here as well.

macau wine museum
Decoration on the clothes of Portuguese native girls.

In conclusion, the Wine Museum of Macau is one of the testaments of the colonization of the country by Portugal. This is one of the places where you will be able to find the good things that the colonization has brought to Macau. And of course, a trip to the Wine museum is not complete without buying a souvenir at the gift shop when you exit.

The Wine Museum is conveniently located just next to the Macau Grand Prix Musem in the Tourist Activity Center of Macau.

macau wine museumFor an additional 5 Macau patacas on your ticket, you can visit both museums on the same day, hassle-free.

Also, the location of these two museums is also convenient because the Tourist Activity Center of Macau is only a 10-minute walk from the Macau Ferry Terminal, if you're arriving by ferry from Hong Kong or Shenzhen.

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